Inspirational images and poetry by New Zealand poet Alec Messenger. These creative works are intended to inspire and to celebrate the great beauty of this existence. I'll be regularly adding to this collection so if you enjoy what you find here please check back again soon.

  • This That We Have Now

    This That We Have Now

    We human beings get so caught up in our temporal desires that we miss the great gift that we already have,the gift of existence. We live in and are surrounded by the great beauty of existence in every moment of our lives but we need to free up our...
  • The Gardener

    The Gardener

    We do not grow great souls by intending to be great but by immersing ourselves in the work of the soul, nurturing beauty, growing love, being compassionate or creative. When we lose ourselves in works of beauty or acts of love we are actually tending the...
  • Letting In The Light

    Letting In The Light

    Beauty is a restorative power, the more time we spend out in nature, appreciating beauty then the more we grow beauty within us. When we let beauty into our lives it has a healing and transformative power that will benefit us in every way helping us...
  • The Kotare or NZ Sacred Kingfisher

    New Zealand Sacred Kingfisher

    Honouring the Kotare, the New Zealand Sacred Kingfisher. I always feel priveleged when I get to see a kingfisher. The NZ sacred kingfisher has adapted to a range of habitats. In spring and summer it tends to move inland and is commonly seen in gardens...
  • On The Other Side Of The Mirror

    On The Other Side Of The Mirror

    We humans put immense focus on our bodily existence and the impermanent forms of this reality and all to often pay too little attention to our soul, to that presence within us that does not die. We need to remember that this reality is only one side of...
  • The Dream Of Existence, The night sky from the summit of Taranaki

    The Dream Of Existence

    Though in the vastness of the universe, there must be many planets teaming with life, we humans only have this one the rest are beyond our reach. If we all start working together to change our habits and our culture from destructive to protective...
  • The Gift, Common blue butterfly on thyme

    The Gift

    Too many of us have acquired the habit of looking for what's wrong in the world, until that's nearly all we can see. We need to start a new habit of looking at what's beautiful and right in this world and then growing those things until they are all that...
  • The Invisible Ocean

    The Invisible Ocean

    Love is a powerful force that moves within us and through all of existence. We have been conditioned by our modern society to be rational thinking human beings, to make rational decisions based on rules, values and economics, but love is beyond all that...
  • This Sprouting Universe

    This Sprouting Universe

    We live in a universe full of the most extraordinary beauty, beauty that is continuously unfoldling around us at all levels and yet, so often, we'll miss the most beautiful thing of all right before our eyes, the chance to commune with the soul of...
  • Your Beautiful Self, A tui in the cherry blossom in  spring.

    Your Beautiful Self

    We live in a society that disempowers us by making us believe that we have to work hard to be someone, to be a success, to meet someone elses expections. Acquire more wealth, more qualifications, become more than we already are. But this is a lie. We...
  • A New Radiance

    A New Radiance

    When we become silent in the face of natures beauty we become aware of our own soul presence glowing within us. This poem is a reminder to spend more time in nature communing with beauty and so connecting with our own inner radiance. The more often we...
  • First Light

    First Light

    We need to learn to live by the light of our own heart and not be caught up in the false fears of our minds. This poem is about the tranformation that comes, affecting all aspects of our lives, when we learn to trust in our heart and live in the light of...
  • A Door Opens

    A Door Opens

    Beauty and love, doorways into the soul, the more we explore beauty, the more we open ourselves up to love and vice versa. There is no limit to the exploration of love or to the depth of beauty that opens within us when we begin this journey. Ultimately...
  • In The Field Of Beauty

    In The Field Of Beauty

    We live in a society that constantly pressures us to become absorbed in its own made up problems. It is all too easy to become stressed, fearful and anxious so absorbed in these made up problems that we totally miss the unfathomable beauty of the world...
  • The Ocean Calling

    Ocean Calling

    Too many of us have learnt to survive by putting up a mask that we hide behind, protecting our vulnerabillities from society. But this same mask that makes us feel so secure also cuts off our connection with the natural world and inhibits the free flow...
  • Raindrops


    Raindrops suspended from a stem of fresia buds after a morning shower. Raindrops are perfect lenses containing an image of the world around them. A world in a rain drop, a world within the world. Existence reflected in a single soul, every soul...
  • Reflections In the Water

    Reflections In The Water

    It is easy to forget how beautiful this world is and walk by without noticing it but the reality is we are constantly surrounded by the extraordinary beauty of this existence, we just have to make the effort to appreciate it in all its different forms...
  • Soul Light, Sunrise From Mt Kau Kau

    Soul Light

    Its all too easy to get caught up in the personal dramas of our own lives, the rights and wrongs, churning them over again and again, thinking and rethinking them.  All this thought never creates any clarity. Clarity comes when we allow all those...
  • Summer Rain

    Summer Rain

    Sometimes we just need to sit still and let the beauty of this existence soak into us and remember that we are that beauty, we are that love. This image can be purchased printed on either stretched canvas or on aluminium using the Chromaluxe dye...