About Krystal Dew

Krystal Dew Ltd is a small family owned business formed to present the work of New Plymouth based nature photographer and poet Alec Messenger. Our vision is to promote and share the beauty of existence through inspirational images and writing.

We sell digital images printed on canvas or aluminium or as stock photos in jpeg format. Images for sale may be either original or edited digital photographs, blended images from multiple photographs or digital artwork. We aim to provide high quality images that capture the great diversity of natures beauty. We print on high quality canvas or on aluminium using the chromalux dye sublimation process to provide unparalleled high definition colour on a hard resilient surface.

For more information on print and mounting options refer to the FAQ page.


About Alec

Alec worked for many years as an engineer and project manager in the oil and gas industry. After nearly burning out from stress in 2003, he went through a profound spiritual awakening shaking off the limiting beliefs imposed by the conventions of our society. What followed was a period of reappraising the nature of reality and our place in it to re-establish a connection with the soul of existence. A process of gradually stripping away the egoic personality to reveal the free happy and authentic being of the original self.

Though this was very much an inner journey it involved a rediscovery of our intrinsic connection with all that exists. An opening of the inner being to the great beauty of this existence and through the awareness of beauty, a communion with existence itself.


Every time we open ourselves up to beauty we open a door into the vast expansive nature of our own being glimpsing the inherent peace and joy of our real selves. The more we connect with beauty, the more we connect with the beauty of our own soul.

We live in a world that has become increasingly hectic, chaotic and stressful and though humanity has done great damage to the fabric of the planet that sustains us all, we are still surrounded by the incomparable beauty of this existence. All too often we get so caught up in the dramas of our own lives that we don’t even notice the beauty that surrounds us walking right through it without even sparing a glance.

We all need to open up our awareness and become utterly present to the beauty that surrounds us. The work presented on this website is an exploration of the beauty of existence and we trust that it will somehow create openings for more beauty to enter the lives of each and every one of you.

Alec has had a life long interest in photography and has become increasingly passionate about capturing and sharing images that convey the extraordinary beauty of the natural world.

Alec has two grown up children and lives with his wife Catherine in New Plymouth, New Zealand. They have a large garden which they have developed to attract native birds and encourage insect life.Much of the nature photography included on this website was taken from their own garden

All images and poetry presented on this website is the exclusive copyright of Krystal Dew Ltd and may not be copied or printed without our permission.